Youth's Endearing Charm

A partial print of Youth's Endearing Charm still exist and is held by the Library of Congress. See the notes below.

U.S.A. Release: September 4, 1916

Produced by: American Film Corporation
Distributed by: Mutual Film Corporation, A Mutual Star Production
Directed by: William C. Dowlan
Cinematography By: David Abel
Scenario By: J. Edward Hungerford
Screenplay By: Maibelle Heikes Justice

Black & White
Six Reels
Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format

Mary Miles Minter as Mary Wade
Wallace MacDonald as Harry Disbrow
Harry von Meter as John Disbrow
Gertrude Le Brandt as Mrs. Disbrow
Al Ferguson as Joe Jenkins
Bessie Banks as Mrs. Jenkins
Harvey Clark as George Horton
Marguerite Nichols as Maud Horton

Mary Wade (played by Minter) is an orphan who is the ward of the Jenkins family at their remote farm. Life at the farm already being harsh enough, Mary takes her dog, Zippy, and runs away to the city after Mr. Jenkins starts making obvious advances towards her. With no income, she pretends to be blind and becomes a beggar which ultimately causes her problems with the law.

While appearing in court, she meets the young son of a millionaire, Harry Disbrow, who takes Mary to his family home being secretly in love with her. Head of the household is Harry's father, John Disbrow, who is partner in a securities firm with George Horton. Horton has been stealing from the firm and is ultimately confronted by his partner, whereupon a classic screen struggle ensues. Mary saves the day after crashing a vase over Horton's head. A happy ending is assured as she wins over the affections of the Disbrow family and marries the handsome young Harry.

* Youth's Endearing Charm was the first of the Mary Miles Minter films by the Flying A Studios (American Film Corporation).
* An incomplete print of Youth's Endearing Charm is held by the Library Of Congress. We have seen portions of the film which is in, unfortunately, extremely deteriorated condition. Regardless of the damage, it was a special treat to view some of the earliest footage of Mary which still exists.
* Re-released in 1921 as "Youth's Melting Pot"
* You can read the complete screenplay for Youth's Endearing Charm by clicking the butterfly below. Every butterfly on this site links to a new page.

Youth's Endearing Charm Screenplay

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