The Fairy And The Waif

The Fairy And The Waif, once considered a lost film, may have been found. Please review the notes below.

U.S.A. Release: March 1, 1915

Produced by: Frohman Amusement Corp. / Gustav Frohman
Distributed by: World Film Corporation
Directed by: Mary Hubert Frohman and George Irving
Scenario by: Marie Hubert Frohman
Technical direction by: Ralph Dean
Cinematography by: Jacques Monteron

Black & White
Five Reels
Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format

Mary Miles Minter as Viola Drayton, the fairy.
Percy Helton as The Waif
Will Archie as Sweetie
William T. Carleton as Major Drayton
Hubert Wilke as Mr. Nevinson
Ina Brooks as Mrs. Nevinson
Ralph Dean
Yolanda Bianca
Maud Brooks
Richard Dupont
Edwin Dupont
Martin E. Eville
William Eville
Frank Gilmore
Edna Hamel
Albert Lewis
Noris Millington
Celeste Rothe
Anita Rothe
Charlotte Shelby
Will Sherrill Jr.

Mary plays the role of Viola Drayton, the daughter of a soldier who is soon called off to the European war. Major Drayton leaves young Viola in the care of his attorney, Mr. Nevinson, along with $30,000 to help care for her. Word soon arrives that Viola's father has been killed, and the Nevinsons decide to keep the money for themselves. Treated harshly by the couple, Viola runs away and get's a job in a theatre playing the part of a fairy. While in her fairy costume, she eventually leaves the theatre and finds a guardian angel, the Waif, who happens to believe in fairies and begins to care for Viola. It's then discovered that Major Drayton is still alive, and a reward is offered for his daughter's return.

We're sure that you can figure out the happy ending!

* We've heard rumors that a print of The Fairy And The Waif has been found. We're now fairly confident that it's true! We haven't verified everything as of yet, but what we've learned is that apparently a copy was located at the Dutch Netherlands Filmmuseum and is now with the New York Public Library. A screening was held on February 13, 2008 at the Donnell Library Center. That is all we know at this time. Please Contact Us if you know more.
* This is often, mistakenly, listed as Mary first film. Although it was her film debut as "Mary Miles Minter", her first actual appearance on film was in The Nurse as Juliet Shelby.
* Mary was all of twelve years old when this film was released.

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