The Eyes Of Julia Deep

A complete print of The Eyes Of Julia Deep survives.

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U.S.A. Release: August, 1918

Produced by: American Film Corporation
Distributed by: Mutual Film Corporation
Directed by: Lloyd Ingraham
Scenario by: Elizabeth Mahoney based on a story by Kate L. McLaurin
Cinematography by: Frank Urson

Black & White
Five Reels
Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format

Mary Miles Minter as Julia Deep
Allan Forrest as Terry Hartridge
Alice Wilson as Lottie Driscoll
George Periolat as Timothy Black
Ida Easthope as Mrs. Turner
Eugenie Besserer as Mrs. Lowe
Carl Stockdale as Simon Plummet

Julia Deep, played by Mary Miles Minter, works at the returns counter at a department store owned by Timothy Black. Through an honest gesture, she wins the trust and friendship of Mrs. Lowe. Timothy Black once had romantic inclinations towards Mrs. Lowe, presumably in their youth, but rejects her appeal to promote Julia Deep, being the hard-headed business man that he is.

Enter Terry Hartridge, a young playboy who soon finds himself suicidal after blowing his fortune on wine, women and song. Julia observes him in his study preparing to end his life before she intercedes. From there, she takes control of his life and becomes his business manager.. forcing him to get a job. He eventually obtains a position at the department store and romance is obviously in the air. Mr. Black now considers Julia to be a distraction to the promising Mr. Hartridge and fires the poor girl.

Julia is then tricked by an old girlfriend of Hartridge into believing that they were more involved than they actually were. She refuses to see him again, and takes up lodging with Mrs. Lowe. He finally convinces her that there was nothing in his past to cause problems, and they run off to elope while in hot pursuit by Mrs. Lowe and Mr. Black. The four of them wind up spending the night in a small town, guests of the local sheriff. The next morning, a happy ending is found as the sheriff, who is also justice of the peace, performs two marriages after the old folks have also reignited their lost love.


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