Somewhere In America

Somewhere In America is considered to be a lost film.

U.S.A. Release: July, 1917

Produced by: Rolfe Photoplays, Inc.
Distributed by: Metro Pictures Corporation
Directed by: William C. Dowlan / Charles Horan (see notes)
Written By: June Mathis

Black & White
Five Reels
Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format

Thomas Carrigan as Thomas Leigh, aka Dorgan
Francine Larrimore as Dorothy Leigh
Herbert Heyes as John Gray
Danny Hogan as Daniel Vereno
Mary Miles Minter as Rose Dorgan
Jules Raucourt as Charles Bergere
Sidney D'Albrook as Shifty
Harold Hilton as Little Phillip Dubois

Thomas Leigh owns a shipyard with a bright future because of a large govenment contract. However, rumors abound about his criminal past. His love of "spirits", when he was younger, led to the death of his mother and consequent run-ins with the law. Therefore, a military spy, John Gray, is sent to seek employment with him, just to be sure. Grey becomes attracted to Leigh's daughter, played by Francine Larrimore.

All ends well as Leigh is threatened with blackmail by a foreign operative who will keep quiet about the ship builders past in return for some secret plans. Leigh refuses, and in the ensuing confrontation his daughter is made aware of his past. He is forgiven. Gray saves the day by struggling with the foreign spy to save the plans from compromise.

* "Somewhere In America" was the final, edited and re-worked, version of "Rose Of The Alley" which had been scrapped by Louis B. Mayer in his disgust for Charlotte Shelby. It appears that more screen prominence was given to other players at the expense of Mary's original performance. You'll note that Mary's character isn't mentioned in the synopsis.

* Given that Charles Horan directed the original "Rose Of The Alley", we've listed him here as a co-director.

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