Rose of the Alley

Rose of the Alley is considered to be a lost film.

U.S.A. Release: January 17, 1916, possibly (see the notes section below).

Produced by: Rolfe Photoplays, Inc.
Distributed by: Metro Pictures Corporation
Directed by: Charles Horan
Written by: Harry O. Hoyt and Jackie Saunders

Black & White
Five Reels
Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format

Mary Miles Minter as Nell Drogan
Danny Hogan as 'Kid' Hogan
Frederick Heck as Dan Hogan
Geraldine Berg as Mamie
Alan Edwards as Frank Roberts
Thomas Carrigan as Tom Drogan

Nell Drogan, played by Mary Miles Minter, swears to protect her brother, and reform him from his drinking ways after the death of their mother. 'Kid' Hogan winds up in their home and is shot in the forearm by Tom Drogan (the brother). Kid's brother happens to be a policeman and gives chase after Tom but the matter is dropped in order to avoid a scandal.

However, the Hogan brothers concoct a scheme to retaliate against Tom by entrapping Nell into a compromising position with a man on a street corner whereupon she is arrested by Kid's policeman brother. After Tom hears of the incident, he kills Kid during a gun fight at a dance hall. Tom is wounded. He dies later, with Nell heroicly using his gun to try to defend him.

The history of this film has always confused us a bit. We've found sources with the synopsis and an actual release date which makes it appear as if the film was distributed. But it's also the film that sources have indicated was re-worked into "Somewhere In America" after Charlotte Shelby angered Louis B. Mayer. Robert Giroux, in his magnificent "A Deed Of Death", claims that the film Mayer scrapped was "Sally In Our Alley", which we assume to be an alternate title for this film.

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