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Now, of course, we could be considered negligent if we didn't include the postcard image seen on every page on this site. Our main logo, and really the postcard that got this website started. At first we were just going to have a page or two to share some images with some fellow Mary Miles Minter collectors. Then we decided that a nice site image might make it look better, and the card below is what we used to create it with. Everything just kept getting bigger after that, but we're nostalgic around here and our main site image has never changed. The card, incidentally, is another product from France. It's the Cinemagazine Edition, No. 5

Mary Miles Minter French Cinemagazine Edition Postcard

We have another postcard below which is obviously from the same photo session, although this card was published in Sweden by by J. Chr Olsen Kunstforlag, and marked Eneret Nr. 492.

Mary Miles Minter J. Chr Olsen Kunstforlag Postcard Nr. 492

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