Mary Miles Minter
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Below is another hand-tinted, real photo, postcard. The original image of Mary Miles Minter was by Moody of New York. The postcard was published by Rotary Photo, another English company, as S.63-3. Like the Beagles cards, this also features fancy embossed borders. This particular card has a postmark date of April, 1920.

Mary Miles Minter Rotary Photo Postcard

An example of another type of postcard is shown below. It's not an actual photograph, but a small chromolithograph. Our example was manufactured by K. Co. Inc., of New York as catalog number 147 and featured Mary Miles Minter with the byline "Starring in Realart Pictures". Ours has a postal cancellation date of 1919 from Finland, showing the broad international appeal of our favorite actress.

Mary Miles Minter K. Co. Inc. Postcard

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