Mary Miles Minter
Publicity Photographs - Conclusion

We'll close our photo gallery with a final image of Mary Miles Minter from her days at the Flying A Studios. This is another that will typically have the embossed logo near the bottom of the photo.

You'll find it below, and we hope that you've enjoyed the images! This is just a small sampling to wet your whistle. You'll find more as you navigate our site. We'll also take the time to answer a frequently asked question about Mary. We get many emails asking us about photos of the actress later in life, after Hollywood. They are very rare. She shunned the spotlight after leaving film, and just didn't present herself for photos.

Also, if you're looking to sell a Minter photo that you've found, we do buy. Don't hesitate to contact us and let us know what you have.

Vintage Faithfully Yours Flying A Publicity Photo Of Mary Miles Minter

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