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In this section, we'll present some vintage publicity photos of Mary Miles Minter. You'll find some of her, well-known, classic poses as well as a few which aren't seen very often.

Acquiring a decent collection of Mary's photographs can take a collector years. Many of them were issued and, about the time we think we've seen them all, something new usually turns up.

One thing to note when you're buying vintage celebrity photographs, is that the autographs were usually inscribed in the negative. Consequently, a lot of photos are advertised as having been autographed when, in fact, it was just a facsimile signature. After awhile it gets easy to spot the facsimile's from genuine autographs.

The first photo, below, is a collector favorite and usually considered to be one of the finest of Mary Miles Minter. It was distributed during her days at the Flying "A" Studios and dates circa 1917. Tinted versions occassionally turn up, in addition to the black & white version shown.

This particular photo has been reproduced by a few different vendors, so be careful not to overpay for a reprint.

Mary Miles Minter Flying A Studios Publicity Photo

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