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Here's one that is well known to seasoned veterans, but which usually comes as a surprise to newer collectors. This is a 1916 printing of "Beautiful Star Of Heaven" as composed by Louis A. Drumheller. The wonderful graphics include Mary Miles Minter. A lot of fans never see this piece because her name isn't mentioned on it. But if you've seen enough postcards of Mary, the image is immediately recognizable.

This one even caught us off guard. We've purchased Minter items from all over the world and happened to stumble upon this sheet music at an antique store about 2 miles up the road. We had never seen it, nor heard of it before. Needless to say, we were a bit floored. Have a look at it below. If you would like to hear the music, just click here and a player will open in a new window for you.

Mary Miles Minter was also featured on sheet music for Anne Of Green Gables which was published when the film was released.

Mary Miles Minter Beautiful Star Of Heaven Sheet Music

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