The Mary Miles Minter
Film Clip Icon

Trying to keep things unique, we opted to create a special icon for our filmography to signify films which may still exist. At first, we just used a series of red asterisks. It worked, but we thought a small film clip might be better. So we created one unique to Mary Miles Minter.

The icon, as displayed in the filmography, is rather small. The details aren't that obvious. So we'll briefly discuss how we made it, and follow everything with a larger version.

We started with an image of Mary that most fans will almost certainly run across as they browse the internet. It's the famous reflective image, shown below, and it usually tops the list of everyones favorite photo of the actress.

Reflective Mary Photo

Starting with that image, we created a small thumbnail and pasted it into a generic film strip background. We then converted the image to greyscale (black & white). Once we were happy with that step, we simply inverted the image. In digital imaging terms, what that means is that it created a negative image of the original which makes it appear as film actually does.

Those steps completed, our master was finished. Here's a better look, full size, of our custom film clip before we reduced it to an icon.

Full Size Mary Miles Minter Film Clip

And below, after we reduced it to fit appropriately, is the icon you'll see throughout our filmography.

Filmography Icon

And that's all there was to it.