Mary Miles Minter
April 1, 1902 - August 5, 1984
An Actress

Perhaps your presence here is by accident, just another page you've ran across while surfing the net? Or maybe you're researching Mary Miles Minter because you stumbled across her image in a shoe box full of postcards? Chances are, however, that your visit is no mistake. Maybe you're a silent movie fan and have seen one of her few surviving films? But it is most likely that your interest in her is because of the notorious murder of Hollywood director, William Desmond Taylor. His death brought Mary into the public spotlight in a way she wasn't used to. Had it not been for that incident the perception of her may have been far different than it is today. The murder remains unsolved and is investigated and researched to this day. As long as people have a fascination with crime and celebrity, the murder will continue to be investigated, and solved, by armchair detectives. For that reason alone Mary Miles Minter will always be a subject of interest.

There was more, however, to Mary Miles Minter than the death of a director. She was a very successful star in her own right. Had it not been for the murder, her legend might be totally different. Her career ended at Paramount where she was initially hired to replace Mary Pickford. She was often compared to Pickford and many people at the time considered her to be a credible and talented rival. Mary Pickford is fondly, and rightfully, remembered as an early Hollywood pioneer. It is not commonly known that she respected Mary Miles Minter as an actress. Indeed it was Mary Pickford who recommended that Paramount sign Mary Miles Minter.

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