The Innocence of Lizette

A print of "The Innocence of Lizette" is known to exist in the Netherlands and was apparently restored.

U.S.A. Release: December 25, 1916

Produced by: American Film Corporation
Distributed by: Mutual Film Corporation
Directed by: James Kirkwood
Scenario by: Arthur H. Gooden, basaed on a screen story by Bessie Boniel

Black & White
Five Reels
Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format

Mary Miles Minter as Lizette
Eugene Forde as Paul
Harvey Clark as Henry Fauer
Eugenie Forde as Granny Page
Ashton Dearholt as Dan Nye
Blanche Hanson as Mrs. Bunn
Mr. Newton

Lizette, played by Mary Miles Minter, is a naive orphan girl who gets adopted by the wealthy Henry Fauer. Her father is horrified upon returning from an extended business trip to find Lizette with a new baby which she claims as her own, but in actuality having been found on their doorstep.

Lizette names a father, and a shotgun wedding is planned. All ends well, however, as the real mother returns to claim her child.

* A print of "The Innocence of Lizette" exist at the La Cineteca del Friuli film archives in the Netherlands. It was screened at the Filmmuseum Biennale in 2005, along with "A Dream Or Two Ago". As far as we know, there's been no further distribution of the film. Sadly, it's probably another instance of an archived, film which will never be viewable by the vast majority of movie buffs. Please contact us if you know more.

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