Her Country's Call

Her Country's Call is considered to be a lost film.

U.S.A. Release: October 1, 1917

Produced by: American Film Corporation
Distributed by: Mutual Film Corporation
Directed by: Lloyd Ingraham
Written By: Benjamin Chapin, Scenario by Charles T. Dazey

Black & White
Five Reels
Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format

Mary Miles Minter as Jess Slocum
George Periolat as Jim Slocum
Allan Forrest as Capt. Earle Neville
Henry A. Barrows as Col. Tremaine
Margaret Shelby as Marie Tremaine
Ashton Dearholt as John Reynolds
Nellie Widen as Miss Neville
Spottiswoode Aitken as Dr. Downie
Benjamin Chapin as Abraham Lincoln

Jess Slocum, played by Mary Miles Minter, lives in a mountain cabin with her father who had, years earlier, been tossed out of the Army on a bootlegging charge. Still in the corn liquor business, Jim Slocum has a confrontation with revenuer's and daughter Jess is injured during the battle. He is imprisoned, and Jess is cared for by Captain Earle Neville (Allan Forrest) and his sister.

Facing constant ridicule from the neighborhood children, Jess ultimately heads back to her cabin home. As luck would have it, she overhears a conspiracy by some Mexican bandits to raid the Army's ammunition supply. She returns to inform the Army and save the day. Jim Slocum eventually confesses that Jess is not really his daughter after all. He had kidnapped her, as a child, from Colonel Tremaine as retribution for being kicked out of the Army. Consequently, Jess is reunited with her real family and a happy ending follows as Captain Neville proposes marriage.

* Also released as "The Call To Arms"
* Her Country's Call was the fourth of a series of films by Benjamin Chapin which concerned the life of Abraham Lincoln. Chapin was known for bearing a resemblence to Old Abe. He was listed in the cast of this film, though we've not ascertained the extent of his performance.

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