Environment is considered to be a lost film.

Movie Still Photo Of Mary Miles Minter And George Fisher In Environment

U.S.A. Release: April 16, 1917

Produced by: American Film Corporation
Distributed by: Mutual Film Corporation
Directed by: James Kirkwood
Scenario by: James Kirkwood

Black & White
Five Reels
Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format

Mary Miles Minter as Liz Simpkins
George Fisher as Henry Pennfield
Harvey Clark as John Simpkins
George Periolat as David Holcombe
Emma Kluge as Mrs. Holcombe
Margaret Shelby as Mildred Holcombe
Arthur Howard as Arthur Holcombe
Gayne Whitman as Arnold Brice
Lucille Ward as Mrs. Bloom
Jack Vosburgh as Reuben

Mary Miles Minter plays Liz Simpkins, the daughter of the town drunk, who is nearly sent to an institution after becoming embroiled in scandal with members of her church. The new preacher, Henry Pennfield, has arrived in town along with Arnold Brice whose a bit of a scoundrel. Mildred Holcombe (played by Margaret Shelby), the daughter of a wealthy church deacon, becomes infatuated with Arnold and starts sneaking off to visit him. Mildred's brother, Arthur Holcombe, threatens to kill Arnold if he finds him with his sister.

When Arthur catches Mildred and Arnold together, Liz interjects that she, herself, has been having an affair with him. The church deacons, to avoid embarrassment, decide that Liz should be sent away to an institution. While Mildred begs Liz to keep the actual relationship secret, Henry the Preacher overhears the conversation and understands the deacons misplaced vengeance against Liz. He ultimately resigns the church and sets the record straight in the process. The story concludes as Arnold Brice leaves town in a hurry and, of course, Preacher Henry has fallen in love with Liz, leaving us with our happy ending.

* Margaret Shelby, the real-life sister of Mary Miles Minter, also appeared in this film.

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