Barbara Frietchie

Barbara Frietchie is considered to be a lost film.

U.S.A. Release: November 28, 1915

Produced by: Popular Plays & Players
Distributed by: Metro Pictures Corporation
Directed by: Herbert Blache
Written by: Clarence J. Harris

Black & White
Five Reels
Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format

Mary Miles Minter as Barbara, the granddaughter
Mrs. Thomas Whiffen as Barbara Frietchie
Guy Coombs as Captain Trumbull
Fraunie Fraunholz as Jack Negly
Lewis Sealy as Judge Frietchie
Frederick Heck as Colonel Negly
Wallace Scott as Arthur Frietchie
Anna Q. Nilsson as Sue Negly
Myra Brooks as Mammy Lu
Charles Hartley as Uncle Joe
William A. Morse as Fred Gelwex
Jack Burns as Tom Green

Barbara Frietchie was a civil war melodrama based in Frederick, Maryland, and featured Mary Miles Minter as 18 year old Barbara, the pretty Southern Belle. Barbara finds herself at odds with her grandmother who tends to have union sympathies, along with sentimental attachment to a flag which was presented to her by Thomas Jefferson. Despite her loyalties to the South, Barbara happens to encounter some union soldiers and following some tense drama, falls in love with their commanding officer, Captain Trumbull.

Attempting to marry Barbara in a neighboring town, Captain Trumbull is forced to retreat but is accidently shot and killed. Upon discovering the body in her home, Barbara becomes enraged. She is then shot by Jack Negly, her rejected beau. The film concludes with her grandmother covering both bodies with the Jefferson flag.

* Barbara Frietchie was based on the poem by John Greenleaf Whittier and the subsequent play by Clyde Fitch
* A report in the December, 1915 issue of Photoplay would indicate that at least part of Barbara Frietchie was filmed at Fort Lee. The bigger story, of course, was that Mary Miles Minter had accidently shot William Morse in the arm during production.

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