Always In The Way

Always In The Way is considered to be a lost film.

Mary Miles Minter Always In The Way Movie Herald

U.S.A. Release: June 21, 1915

Produced by: Dyreda Art Film Corporation
Distributed by: Metro Pictures Corporation
Directed by: J. Searle Dawley
Scenario by: Charles K. Harris (see the notes below)
Cinematography by: Irvin Willat

Black & White
Six Reels
Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format

Mary Miles Minter as Dorothy North
Ethelmary Oakland as Dorothy North, age 4
Lowell Sherman as Winfred North
Edna Holland as Mrs. Helen Stillwell
Mabel Greene as May Stillwell
Harold Meltzer as Alan Stillwell
James Riley as Harry Blake
Arthur Evers as Rev. Goodwin
Charlotte Shelby as Mrs. Goodwin
Hal Clarendon as John Armstrong
Franklin B. Coates as Robert Armstrong
Harry Blakemore as Zulu chief
Boots Wall

"Always In The Way" was the first of Mary's films produced by Metro before her mother angered the studio boss. Mary played Dorothy North, a young woman who had longed for her deceased mother since the age of four. Her father, Winfred, was busy persuing other interests, leaving Dorothy feeling neglected. After his marriage to Helen Stillwell, things deteriorated. Helen already had two children of her own and treated Dorothy poorly. As expected, Dorothy runs away and is taken in by the Reverend and Mrs. Goodwin whom she accompanies to Africa to teach Christianty.

Winfred, her real father, is ultimately informed that Dorothy is lost. He begins a failed search to find her. Meanwhile, she boards a steamer back to America after her adoptive parents are killed by Zulu warriors. She is followed, in love stricken pursuit, by John Armstrong. Once back home, Armstrong discovers Dorothy's true roots and tracks down her real father. The film concludes happily as Winfred is reunited with his daughter and dumps Helen Stillwell.

* Parts of this film were shot in the Bahamas
* The screenplay was based on the song by Charles K. Harris. If you would like to hear a snippet of the song, just click here and a player will open in a new window for you.

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